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Memory Care

Senior Placement Services for Memory Care

At Agape Senior Solutions, we offer the following services to clients in the Atlanta Metro-Area

  • Provide a FREE in-person ASSESSMENT to discover personal interests and the levels of care needed.
  • We call and find the best communities to fit your loved one and family.
  • Then we set appointments and accompany your family to the on-site tours.
  • Assist with the decision-making process while integrating seniors’ health, care needs, financial considerations, social interests, and geographical preferences.
  • Recommend additional resources, such as moving, VA Benefits, Legal, etc.
  • We follow-up to continue building relationships and confirm senior transition has been successful and fulfilling.

Our goal is to provide peace of mind to families, knowing their elderly loved ones are aging gracefully in an environment that is safe, healthy, and thriving in the home or assisted living.

The Senior Placement Advisor’s job is to recommend, guide, represent as your advocate, and help with resources for a smooth transition! Should you have any questions about our services or any of our partnered communities please give us a call. We are happy to help you in any way we can! We have many years of experience in the industry. We are female owned and operated and most importantly, we love what we do!

What is Memory Care?

Memory care is designed to provide a safe, structured environment with set routines to lower stress for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Employees provide meals and help residents with personal care tasks, just like the staff at an assisted living facility. But they are also specially trained to deal with the unique issues that often arise as a result of dementia or Alzheimer’s. They check in with residents more frequently and provide extra structure and support to help them navigate their day.
Memory Care Senior Placement Services in Atlanta, GA

What Are the Requirements for a Memory Care Facility in Georgia?

Memory care residences in Georgia must counteract wandering by installing safety devices on doors (and must also have an updated photograph of every resident in case of escape). In both types of residences, bedrooms must be at least 80 square feet for every one resident. Two residents per bedroom is the maximum allowed. Assisted living communities are also required to have handrails, doorways, and corridors that accommodate mobility devices.

To be admitted to either type of memory care residence, a person must be able to move from place to place and not require full-time nursing care. The capabilities of your loved one must be fully assessed by a physical examination within 30 days prior to moving in, and for memory care this examination must determine that the person indeed exhibits symptoms of dementia and requires placement in a specialized care home.

In other words, a diagnosis of probable Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia is required to move into Georgia memory care.

The assessment is often performed by a medical professional at the residence itself, and the cost of being assessed should be included in the base rate. There may be a separate “community” or “move-in” fee that covers up-front expenses including the assessment and other details like cleaning and painting your loved one’s new bedroom.

A post-admission assessment is also required, to determine familial support, ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs), physical care needs, and any behavior impairments. This post-admission assessment is performed by residence staff, and should not cost extra.

In assisted living communities, an assessment must happen within 14 days of admission and an individual care plan must be created. This plan is to be updated annually, or whenever the resident has a dramatic health change.

It is possible to find a memory care home on short notice in Georgia, but it’s not a good idea because of the importance of finding the right fit.

You’ll want to begin planning early, well before the move is necessary. Not only will you be able to compare options and make the best choice but starting early also gives your loved one with dementia more input.

Alzheimer’s and related diseases are progressive, meaning they get worse until someone can no longer make decisions. Your family should decide on living options before the middle and later stages, when decision-making is compromised.

Memory Care Senior Placement Services in Atlanta, GA

Where is Memory Care Provided?

Memory care facilities provide those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia with care that is tailored to their unique needs. Memory care can take place in its own facility, or as part of a designated wing of another residential care community. Staff members of memory care units or facilities undergo specialized training in caring for those with memory impairment, and the facilities often coordinate social activities and schedules specifically for the needs of those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Does Medicare Pay for Memory Care?

Medicare does not cover any cost of memory care. It will pay for most medical costs incurred while the senior is in assisted living, but will pay nothing toward custodial care (personal care) or the room and board cost of independent living.

When Is It Time to Consider Memory Care?

People with dementia who exhibit certain kinds of behavior that affect their day-to-day living are better off in the memory care unit of such facilities. These are units where staff members are trained in working with people with dementia who require specialized care.

Here are five behaviors or circumstances that can indicate someone needs memory care:

  • Changes in behavior.
  • Confusion and disorientation that imperils physical safety.
  • A decline in physical health.
  • A caregiver’s deterioration.
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